About Us

Last update: September 5th, 2014
Steelpan European is a pan-european organisation united by an inherent and genuine interest to explore and develop the full potential of the steelpan instrument and the talent which abounds in its members. The countries have signed a co-operating agreement which enunciates its long term direction ensuring that the organisation grows with a vision and common objectives in mind.
How does Steelpan European, an organisation created only in May 1999, manage to create such tremendous strides over a short period of time? It takes more than will to succeed. Riding through the challenges, requires a love for the instrument, dedication, inspiration, commitment to the original idea of why the organisation was formed. Success can only be measured over time, but something has started for sure that is bigger than Steelpan European and a long way from what was even imagined since the first oil drum was used for the steelpan.

If you wish to publish informations on any of these webpages please contact: Matthias G. Kauer - e-mail: ps@steelband.ch
Single Soprano Pan,
5th/4th, nickel plated

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